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EZ Texting is a web application that allows users to create text message marketing campaigns as well as provide customer service through texting. As the application has grown with features we’ve noticed that our customers have difficulty in wayfinding as well as understanding features once they find them.

My task on the UX team was to help distill the many features into recognizable buckets, showcase relevant (learned through on-boarding) features, and still ensure everything else was easily accessible.


To help our users easily grasp what the platform does, our navigation needed to be understandable at a glance. I conducted a card sorting exercise with the company to group all of our features.

Next, I built a quick HTML prototype with a revamped navigation drawn from the results of our card sorting. With that in place I tested the prototype with a panel of non-users from, asking them to find features that were previously buried in the iA. Having never used the platform before these users were able to locate these features in the prototype. This was especially enlightening as some of the terms/names for features can be vague.

The other side of helping our users navigate through the app was to create a pattern library to help ensure a consistent experience. As the developers transitioned from our old php platform to Angular, this gave us an opportunity to begin standardizing table layouts and CTAs as well as adding more conversational help text alongside features and workflows.

More project details on the way…

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