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EZ Mobile App

Go small or go home

User Research
Information Architecture
User Testing


The UX team at EZ Texting was tasked with creating a new mobile application for our users.
During the last couple years, mobile usage has doubled on the platform. We decided to take a multi-faceted approach to inquiring with our users how they anticipate using a mobile app. Through surveys, customer interviews, usage data and customer-facing team feedback we determined that the primary use case would be receive notifications of inbound messages.

Our timeframe for launch was to have dev handoff in under 8 weeks.


A tight turnaround required us to refine our information architecture to the bare essentials of sending/receiving messages and light contact management while still meeting the needs of our customers.

We had been working on a responsive version of the web application and therefore able to utilize some component designs that could be used in a native app.

Using Adobe XD, we were able to quickly mock up and prototype the bare-bones functionality to test with non-technical employees. While this app was going to be iOS only at the start we still wanted to get feedback from Android users to ensure that it was still easily usable.


In development

More project details on the way…

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