Jeffrey Skinner

Cloud Call Center

If you like it then you should have put a ring on it

User Research
Visual Design


CallFire wanted to rebuild their outbound call center application from the ground up.

The previous version of the app was built in a way that made updates and iteration difficult and didn’t allow us to properly adjust to customer needs. Other issues were:

  • For agents to join a campaign, they had to sort through a public list of all available campaigns on the platform, causing confusion when similar campaign names existed
  • The campaign creation process was unintuitive and clunky


Not only were our client success managers vital in helping us understand our customers pain points with the app, but we were able to have them use the product while we built it out. This enabled us to quickly gain feedback and iterate on features and improvements.

One thing I learned from our initial prototype was that in our particular use-case, our users wanted to quickly be able to paste in a set of numbers since our platform didn’t have any integrations for MVP.


I realized that many of the steps we put users through were optional and in some use-cases not needed altogether. To help pave the happy path for these users, I reduced the flow from 5 pages down to 2, allowing users to add optional and advanced features after the required steps were complete.


  • Reduced average campaign creation time by half
  • Saw a 30% increase in revenue over previous version of app
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