Jeffrey Skinner

ACT Mobile App

This is not a test... It's a practice test!

Information Architecture
Visual Design
User Testing


Our focus with this app was to help students prepare for the ACT Test as well as access their registration and afterwards, their scores.

Right after finishing work on our College Search App, we set out to launch ACT’s second mobile application, the ACT Student App.

With our development platform already in place, and having done student interviews, we were confident we could take what we had learned and launch this project in an even shorter timeframe.


Once again, we brought in additional team members to help with a preliminary design session. Taking over a conference room, we plastered the whiteboard with Post-it notes and markers in an attempt to refine the interaction flows.

A few short days later, we had paper prototypes that we were able to present to the stakeholders responsible for accounts and sample test questions.

While the account screens were straightforward, the sample questions posed a bit of a challenge. Replicating a test experience on a small screen required that we adjust how the questions were presented. Some items had stems that referred to a line number in a reading passage, while others referenced a science diagram. Conferring with our test development staff, we made better use of web conventions (removing underlines and line numbers for highlighted text) to accurately convey intent, and used modal drop-downs to show larger diagrams in the Math and Science sections.

Two months after we began, the ACT Student App launched for iOS.

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